Keys to writing the perfect cover letter for your resume

Cover letters are the perfect complement to your resume. More and more job offers are requiring them, and, although there are still some companies that do not specifically ask for it, it is always convenient to send it. A cover letter offers the possibility of presenting yourself in more detail, commenting in depth on the work and personal experiences … Read more

5 Mistakes to Avoid During a Job Interview

Being summoned for an interview after signing up for a job offer means you’re one step closer to your next career change. But that time has not yet come. How you perform during the interview can mean the difference between getting the job and not being successful. Make sure you don’t fall for the five … Read more

Can I have more than one job?

To the question of whether I can have more than one job we tell you that of course you can have more than one job. However, what you will have to take into account is that the different companies for which you work are aware of this data, due to issues of exclusivity and withholding of … Read more

Jobs that will end up being computerized

Two scientists and researchers from Oxford Martin School, Dr Carl Benedikt Frey (Oxford Martin School) and Dr Michael A. Osborne (Department of Engineering Sciences, University of Oxford) claim that 47% of the world’s workers are at risk of being replaced by a machine in the next two decades. The studies have been developed by analyzing 702 … Read more